Practitioner’s notebook, May 2018

ChetさんのOODA LOOPの実践事例の説明。

OODA LOOPって単独で回っているのでは無い。相手にも同じように回っている。そして競争状態の時に早く(意図的に)回した方が有利に立つ。
というか遅い方が結果、混乱、不確実性、自己欺瞞、恐怖その他のコンビネーションが訪れ、敗北を招くという事。この、より早くOODA LOOPを回す能力ってのが味噌なんだけど。

Slightly East of New

Proponents of speed, such as “going through OODA loops faster,” can site some evidence from Boyd. Perhaps the chart that makes the strongest case is this one, from Strategic Game of ? and ? which Boyd began briefing in 1987:


Seems pretty clear: If you want to discombobulate your opponents, then just “operate at a faster tempo or rhythm.”

There are a couple of problems with this approach, though. First is that Boyd doesn’t say “Operate …”  He wrote “The ability to operate …”  At the risk of undue scholasticism, this is big deal. Boyd, like a poet, agonized over every word in these briefings. It wasn’t unusual for the phone to ring and it would be John, wanting to try out several new phrasings for some line you might dimly recall.

In other words, if he meant “Operating at a faster tempo or rhythm than an adversary enables …”…

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